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  • How to deal with sheriff officers

    The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with the Sheriffs [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you a Scottish resident facing debt?
    Maybe you can’t afford to pay your Council Tax?

    Sheriff Advice are here to help, and we are going to tell you how to deal with Sheriff Officers at your door – Check out our free infographic!

  • How to Stop Sheriff Officers in Their Tracks

    Scott & Co… Walker Love… Stirling Park…. – The names alone are enough to send a shiver down the spine, and then come the phone calls, the letters and those dreaded knocks on the door.

    It’s time you found out the things they do not want you to know. It’s time you felt empowered to act rather than helplessly alone. It’s time to help you stop those sheriff officers in their tracks.

  • Scotland’s Local Councils Becoming ‘More Diligent’ in Collecting Council Tax

    Scottish local councils are having to be more diligent in collecting unpaid council tax. This comes after reports that over £100m is owed in unpaid council tax nationwide.

    Scotland has seen a steady rise in council tax collection over the last decade, but recently pressure put on the budgets of local councils due to austerity cuts have caused councils to chase outstanding council payments more aggressively than ever…

  • 3 Ways to Protect Yourself (and Your Belongings!) from Sheriff Officers

    *Ding dong…* -The sound of the doorbell is usually good news. Maybe your parcel has arrived, your takeaway is being delivered or your neighbours are round for tea. However, if you owe Council Tax arrears, something as simple as the doorbell ringing can be very stressful! Sheriff Officers are essentially the Scottish equivalent of ‘Bailiffs’, […]

  • Council Tax is Now the No. 1 Source of Britain’s Debt Problems

    More people are seeking help for council tax arrears than any other form of debt throughout Britain, announced Citizens Advice. As many as 12% of people contacting Citizens advice say that council tax arrears are the debts they are most struggling with, and the charity dealt with almost 200,000 cases in the 2014/2015 financial year alone.

    Citizens Advice projected a rise this year in council tax debt issues of 20% – if you have council tax issues, click read more!